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Kali.co Plants now offers a complete Gift Set for total plant care!

This set includes:

1 x Kali.co Plant Care 60ml Mist

1 x Kali.co Plant Care 10ml Jungle Vibes Essential Oil Blend

1 x Kali.co Plant Care 4g Ocean Mineral Mix

1 x Sample of Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food

1 x Kali.co Plants Bonus Magnet


Kali.co takes plant care to the next level with this all in one plant care mist! 

It helps to rid your plants of harmful pests while shining and protecting the foliage. 

Simply mist directly onto the foliage, or mist onto a clean damp cloth and wipe the leaves. Use it on all your new plants, and as part of a maintenance schedule to keep those plants happy and healthy!


Kali.co Plants exclusive Jungle Vibes Essential Oil Blend is great for keeping your plants happy, and the air you breathe clean! 

With a blend of Spearmint, Lavendar, and Rosemary (to name only a few), this Essential Oil combo is great to keep those pests away from your plants. The amazing properties of the Copaiba Oil helps to rid your plants, and your lungs, of harmful toxins found in the average home. 

Simply place 3-5 drops into your oil diffuser, and diffuse around your plants. Can be used daily, or as often as needed. 


Kali.co Plant Care Ocean Mineral Mix contains Silica and is great to amend your potting soil with before transplanting, or simply sprinkle a small amount onto the surface of the soil and water it in to the roots.



Kali.co Plant Care - Gift Set