Superthrive those Tropicals!

Updated: Feb 9

Yea, you heard right! Superthrive those tropicals! During the winter blues, starting new propagation and seeds, or caring for your new plant baby, Superthrive is an amazing product that helps your plant get that extra boost.

This unique, non-toxic vitamin solution encourages the natural building blocks that plants make for themselves when under the best conditions, fortifying growth from the inside out.

Safe to use as often as needed, or once a month as part of a healthy plant maintenance regiment. Superthrive is highly economical, simply add ¼ teaspoon of Superthrive for every gallon of water for most uses.

With new cuttings: Moisten your growing medium with your Superthrive solution, and then insert the cuttings into the saturated growing medium. Place cup or dome over top of the soil to help keep the humidity level up. Keep an eye on your new plant babies, checking everyday to ensure the soil is moist. After about a week, the dome can be removed, and water your cuttings again with the Superthrive vitamin.


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