It's all about the nutrients!

Thinking back to when I purchased my first houseplant, I knew absolutely nothing about fertilizing my plants or what the best nutrients were. I remember there was always Miracle Grow under the sink in the kitchen, and that my mom would fertilize her plants every so often, but never really thought much about it.

Well now that I have grown my own jungle, I've come to realize that the nutrients we feed our plants are absolutely the most critical part to helping your houseplant succeed. So what does this really mean? I've been using Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food now for quite awhile and at first I was skeptical, but seeing the results has really made me more confident than ever to use a totally natural nutrient for all of tropical plants, my own personal houseplants and even my garden.

Kola Brand Plant Food is a biostimulant with over 70 different element and minerals which act on a plant's cellular processes, improves strength, and nutrition uptake. This amazing nutrient can be used in any Semi Hydroponic plants or soil, indoor and outdoors. This product is very concentrated, so 1/8th of a teaspoon to 1 litre of water is all you need, and with semi hydroponic tropicals, you only change out the water once per week. Since Ormus raises the pH level of the water, it is recommended to test your water before feeding your plants and adjust your levels accoringly. (See post of pH buffers and levels.)


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