Caring for your new Semi Hydroponic Plant Baby

Welcome to the sweet, sweet life of Semi Hydroponic Tropicals. First of, thank you! I am excited to offer you easy to care for tropical plants, in a growing medium called LECA.

Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate is used for propagation and is amazing, simply because it cannot be over or underwatered. This being said, your plant baby does require alittle bit of special attention.

LECA is completely nutrient-less, so your in full control of what types of nutrients your plant gets. Here at Kalico Plants, Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food. We highly recommend this product! It's 100% Natural Ocean Minerals, and contains everything that is essential for total plant health! Not only does it feel amazing to use a product that is 100% natural & Canadian sourced, but the results were incredible! Faster growth, stronger root systems, and healthier looking tropical houseplants! It's also great used in the garden or on any other plants around your home!

Over time, you'll begin to notice a white residue form at the top of the LECA. This is completely normal, as it's just salts, calcium, and other deposits coming out from the water. Simply fill your vessel full of water, gently rinse, and drain. Always ensure to leave 1/3 of your vessel full of water. I recommend to use pH Test Strips to check the pH of your water, and adjust to 5.5-5.8 as most tropicals prefer a lower pH level. This can be done by using Citric Acid or pH UP/DOWN that you can find at any hydroponic store. Using Ormus as your nutrient will raise your pH level, so it is important to check your water before feeding your plants.

Also keep in mind, that water temperature can play a huge part in the health of your plant. When rinsing your plant, use room temperature water, never warmer than 70 degrees. Temperatures also rise when the plant is in too direct of sun or the environment is too warm for the plant. When the water temperatures are too warm, it can cause root rot. Cooler water and non direct sunlight will keep your plant baby happy and healthy!

Lastly, the type of water you use does make a difference. Tap water contains chlorine and other contaminants that are harmful to our plants. Using purified or distilled water is great, but not always available and can be expensive. One good tip for using tap water, just fill up a container and leave your water out for 24 hours prior to watering your plants. This dissipates the chlorine from the water. Forgot to leave your water out? No probs, just add a pinch of crushed up vitamin C powder into your water and let it dissolve before watering your plants. Sounds crazy, but my baba swears by it!

Pilea Peperomioides


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