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I'm Kali, the 'Crazy Plant Lady' behind the Okanagan Urban Jungle

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in plants and anything nature. If it's outdoors and around plants, I am one happy lady. Seriously! I have always been one to have numerous houseplants around my home, mostly because I feel as if it offers an amazing environment to be in everyday. Well over the years, one became ten, which grew into twenty some, and then another hundred or so. And yes, I get called the "Crazy Plant Lady" on the daily!


My Urban Jungle has grown into a Tropical Paradise of over 400 Lush Jungle Plants, which soon became a thousand, and now over 2200! Air quality at my house? Amazing! I'd have to say my favorite part to my house is my bedroom, with trailing Pothos vines all over the ceiling and walls, and tall Dracaenas of all varieties! How long does it take me to water all of my jungle? Oh, about a couple hours or so. I water all of the indoor plants in the early morning before the sun is even up, and all of my patio gardens get watered at sunset, to help them absorb all the water to the roots while giving the foliage plenty of time to dry. 

My knowledge has been passed down from generations of green thumbs and my growing passion with tropical plants provides you with the happiest and healthiest tropical plants imaginable. Larger tropicals are removed of all the soil they are grown in, washed free of any bugs and residue, shined and cleaned then transplanted into a completely fresh Tropical Soil already mixed with nutrients to help your plant thrive! Along with healthy plants comes the Kali.co Plant Care line to protect your plants from pest and fungal problems. The 60ml Mist is perfect for using on all new plants before bringing them into your home, as well as part of a weekly/monthly maintenance routine to keep those plants happy. The Ocean Mineral Mix includes important ingredients to keep your soil free from pests and consists of Vancouver Island Ormus nutrients. Use it when transplanting, bringing your plants in for fall time, and as part of a monthly maintenance routine. 

Semi Hydroponic tropicals are propagated from my own collection directly into a growing medium called LECA, Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. This is one of the best methods for propagation as it's completely nutrient-less and easier to control the growth of the plant. I use Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food as my nutrients, and let me tell you, the results are unbelievable! For awhile there my spare bedroom looking like a science lab as I tested different nutrients and growing mediums in my propagation, and any synthetic nutrient couldn't compare at all! Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food is a biostimulant with an N-P-K rating of 0-0-0. This ocean mineral mixture contains over 70 different elements and minerals that are essential for total plant health! Why wouldn't you choose a product that is naturally sourced, free of any synthetic ingredients, and mined right from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Check out their website, Vancouver Island Ormus Kola Brand Plant Food, and remember, every Okanagan Urban Jungle Member receives a discount on their Kola Brand Plant Food at the time of purchase!

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