Welcome to the Okanagan's Urban Jungle!

The Okanagan Urban Jungle is a unique trailer you'll find across the Okanagan this summer that features a whole heck of a lot besides tropical houseplants. 

This company features collaborations of local artisans across the Okanagan; macrame, ceramics, skin care, jewelry, greeting cards, plant markers, home decor and so much more. 

Tropical houseplants that are grown right here in Kelowna, BC. and natural plant care products that are passed down from generations of green thumbs.
You can trust that these plants are healthy, beautiful and ready to thrive in your home.

Imported tropicals are treated with the upmost of care, including; removing most of the potting soil that plants arrive in, washing foliage and removing residues, treating for pests and flushing with a vitamin supplement. The premium treatment for all of our tropical houseplants.

Oh, and we are Pet-Friendly! Bring your poochies down for a visit and let them enjoy the new turf area at the Jungle Greenhouse, and pick up some snacks made by local company, Hammock Hounds!

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