DIY Newspaper Starter Pots

Spring is almost among us, and so is the time to start those little vegetable seedlings for your summer garden! I'm going to show you a really easy way to make Biodegradable Starter Pots for all your seedlings using some plain, ol' Newspaper.
If you've ever seen those Wooden Pot Makers, usually they are around $15 at a place like Lee Valley. They are great for making Starter Pots using Newspaper. Well, if you just stop by Rona or Home Depot, you can find pretty much the same tool using PVC fitting pieces found in the plumbing isle, for $3!
The plus side to moving your seedlings into Newspaper Stater Pots is they can develop their root system right in this biodegradable pot. No need to damage the roots to plant your vegetable babies. Also, the cost of starting your pots is nearly free, and if you save your seeds from your previous season, then your really doing it right! Here are step by step pictures how to make your own starter pots for all of your little plant babies.
So let's get into the PVC pieces that will be needed to make these pots.
1 – 2 inch PVC Coupling
2 – 1 1/2 inch PVC Dome Slip Cap
3 – 1 1/2 inch PVC Bushing
Now that you have your nifty new pot making tool, let's get some Newspaper and make some Starter Pots! Okay, so let's go over these steps in a little more detail.
Step 1: Fold a single sheet of newspaper in half and fold the open edge over about 1 inch.
Step 2: Roll the newspaper around piece the form (piece #1), leaving about 1 1/2 inch overhang on one end.
Step 3: Tuck the overlay inside and pinch the sides to make a more solid bottom.
Step 4: Slide the plunger inside and push firmly to make a secure base for your pot.
Step 5: Pull out the form (piece #1)
Step 6: Push the inside of the pot to flatten it down, and then fill with dirt!
The Newsprint is biodegradable, so moving your plants into the garden is super easy! You can place the entire pot into the soil, no need to transplant and risk shocking your seedlings.
These work great for any vegetables, herbs, or even to gift a small cutting to a friend!
Hope you enjoyed this post, Happy Planting Friends!