Welcome to the Urban Jungle

Tropical Houseplants & Natural Plant Care Products

What the Okanagan Urban Jungle is About...

Okanagan Urban Jungle, servin’ up ‘Jungle Vibes’ since 2018 across southern BC. Owned and operated by Kali Yanke, a Saskatchewan raised green thumb growing an Urban Jungle right here in Kelowna, BC. A company that began as a spare bedroom “Jungle Operation” and became a Mobile Plant Shop, where we stock hundreds of tropical plants and natural plant care products. And of course, a trailer... which easily attends every local Farmers’ Market.

We stock hundreds of different tropical houseplants and sell thousands across BC through local markets, and our Online Jungle Shop. Every week, we import new plants to allow them 2 weeks under supervision before we send them home to new plant parents, ensuring nothing but the healthiest plants.

Imported tropicals are treated with the upmost of care, including; removing most of the potting soil that plants arrive in, washing foliage and removing residues, treating for pests and flushing with a vitamin supplement.
The premium treatment for all of our tropical houseplants.

Plant Maintenance

Okanagan Urban Jungle transplanting imported plants, ensuring nothing but the healthiest of tropical houseplants. Plants receive new potting soil with organic nutrients, so we take the guess work out of fertilizing your tropicals.

Tropical Houseplants

Okanagan Urban Jungle offers low maintenance, easy to care for Tropical Houseplants perfect for the average plant enthusiast.

How we keep our plants thriving?
We remove a portion of the nutrient-depleted soil that the plants are grown in. After that, we flush the roots with an Enzyme solution. This ensures the roots are healthy and free of disease. Every plant that leaves our shop receives the upmost of care, giving our customers the assurance of healthy, quality, tropical houseplants.

Okanagan Urban Jungle mixing our own secret blend of potting soil, which features organic nutrients, so we take the guess work out of fertilizing your tropicals. This blend also includes the Ocean Mineral Mix, helping to treat potted plants soil.

House Blend Potting Soil

We offer the best in potting soil for your tropical houseplants (garden, herbs, flowers, and cannabis too.) This blend contains only the finest ingredients; Premium Coco-Coir, Organic Worm Castings, Extra Perlite, and Canadian Sphagnum Moss.

Every potted plant, as well as our bags of Tropical Potting Soil, contain the Plants Natural Ocean Mineral Mix. This unique blend not only features the finest organic ingredients, but also powerful ingredients to destroy Fungas Gnats and other Larvaes.

Okanagan Urban Jungle features the best natural plant care products to keep those tropical houseplants happy and healthy. An Ocean Mineral Mix contains organic nutrients and supplements to help those plants Thrive!

Natural Plant Care Products

Okanagan Urban Jungle offers products that help keep those new plants happy, while protecting your plants from pest and fungal problems. The Natural Plant Mist helps to shine and protect your plants and can be used as a weekly routine to keep them healthy and beautiful.

The Ocean Mineral Mix includes important ingredients to keep your soil free from pests and consists of a blend of Organic Nutrients and Supplements to help those plants thrive!
Use it when transplanting, bringing your plants in for fall time, and as part of a monthly maintenance routine. 

Meet Ēostre, the Jungle Trailer

Where to Find the Pop-Up Jungle Shop?

2022 Market Information coming soon!

Spring/ Summer 2021 find the Okanagan Urban Jungle at the
Kelowna Farmers' & Crafter's Market,
every Wednesday & Saturday from 8-1pm.
Thursdays, we will be joining the nice folks down at the Vernon Farmers' Market 8 to 1pm!

Thank you for all your support over the spring and summer season! We look forward to serving up Jungle Vibes during the fall and winter months at specialty pop up markets.
Stay Tuned!


Come on down to the Local Farmers' Market, and help us SUPPORT LOCAL!
With all the restrictions, it seems we have become more disconnected from our makers and customers. It sucks. We miss being able to meet every one of our customers, from a safe distance, and respect everyone's views on the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, we will keep the Online Store Closed until late fall when we will no longer be attending the Kelowna Farmers' Market. If for any reason you are not able to attend the market, but see a plant you'd like to purchase on our Stories Highlights of Available Plants, we welcome inquires to our Instagram messages or email at

Thanks kindly for your understanding, and hope to see you at one of the Local Farmers' Markets!