Welcome to the Urban Jungle

Tropical Houseplants - Natural Plant Care - Local Collaborations

What the Okanagan Urban Jungle is About...

The Okanagan Urban Jungle is a unique trailer you'll find across the Okanagan this summer that features a whole heck of a lot besides tropical houseplants. We feature collaborations of local artisans across the Okanagan; macrame, ceramics, skin care, jewelry, greeting cards, plant markers, home decor and so much more. 

Tropical houseplants that are grown right here in Kelowna, BC. and natural plant care products that are passed down from generations of green thumbs.
You can trust that these plants are healthy, beautiful and ready to thrive in your home.

Imported tropicals are treated with the upmost of care, including; removing most of the potting soil that plants arrive in, washing foliage and removing residues, treating for pests and flushing with a vitamin supplement. The premium treatment for all of our tropical houseplants.

Meet Ēostre, the Jungle Trailer

Where to Find the Pop-Up Jungle Shop?

Find the Okanagan Urban Jungle Trailer at the Kelowna Farmers' & Crafter's Market,
every Wednesday & Saturday from 8-1pm.

Tropical Houseplants

The Okanagan Urban Jungle offers low maintenance, easy to care for Tropical Houseplants perfect for the average plant enthusiast. Looking for a perfect plant to compliment your home or workplace? How about some tropical foliage for your windowless bathroom or hallway? No problem! The Okanagan Urban Jungle has everything you need from happy and healthy tropical houseplants, Natural Plant Care Products, and plenty of knowledge and expertise to help keep those plants thriving!

Natural Plant Care

Okanagan Urban Jungle offers products that help keep those new plants happy, while protecting your plants from pest and fungal problems. The Natural Plant Mist helps to shine and protect your plants and can be used as a weekly routine to keep them healthy and beautiful. The Ocean Mineral Mix includes important ingredients to keep your soil free from pests and consists of Vancouver Island Ormus nutrients. Use it when transplanting, bringing your plants in for fall time, and as part of a monthly maintenance routine. 

Local Collaborations

Proud to support our community and local artists. You can find beautiful macrame plant hangers, pottery, skin care, greeting cards, home decor, and even homemade dog treats! All made with care right here in the Okanagan. 
We are always striving to support local as much as possible for everything plant related. Are you a local artisan that would like to be featured on our website?Please feel free to drop us a line at: info@okanaganurbanjungle.com and make sure to tell us a little about yourself and why you'd like to be featured in the Okanagan Urban Jungle.

The Online Jungle Shop is LIVE!

Check out our collection of tropical houseplants, natural plant care, potting soil and LECA. Tons of Local Collaborations are being uploaded and will be available shortly.

Local Pick Up is available at the Kelowna Farmers' & Crafter's Market every Wednesday & Saturday from 8-1pm.

If you are unable to pick up your order from the market, email us to arrange another pick up location. We are available Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm or Saturday from 3 to 8 pm.

SHIPPING is currently unavailable due to the chilly winter vibes coming our way! Apologies, but shipping will resume come spring.