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The Okanagan Urban Jungle offers low maintenance, easy to care for Tropical Houseplants perfect for the average plant enthusiast. Looking for a perfect plant to compliment your home or workplace? How about some tropical foliage for your windowless bathroom or hallway? No problem! The Okanagan Urban Jungle has everything you need from happy and healthy tropical houseplants, Natural Plant Care Products, and plenty of knowledge and expertise to help keep those plants thriving! 

Natural Plant Care products that help keep those new plants happy, while protecting your plants from pest and fungal problems. The Natural Plant Mist helps to shine and protect your plants and can be used as a weekly routine to keep them healthy and beautiful. The Ocean Mineral Mix includes important ingredients to keep your soil free from pests and consists of Vancouver Island Ormus nutrients. Use it when transplanting, bringing your plants in for fall time, and as part of a monthly maintenance routine. 


Did you know the Okanagan Urban Jungle  not only will place custom orders, but also will search for your dream plants? You bet! Send a list of all your 'Must Have Plants', and as they become available to us, we make them available to you!


Do you have a struggling plant that just won't grow or keeps dying? Most of the issues we find with houseplants, is at the roots. Around 85% of a plant's issues are fungal problems at the roots and in the dirt. No problem, we'll help you get your plant healthy and back in shape!

Looking for large tropical foliage to complete your Urban Jungle? We can help! With tropicals arriving weekly, the Okanagan Urban Jungle  is your one stop destination for all sorts of beautiful, healthy tropical plants in various sizes. Email: sales@okanaganurbanjungle.com for more information on Large Tropical Plant orders, or submit a photo of the space you'd like to work with for a complimentary Tropical Plant Palette to help you choose the best tropical plants for your environment.


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Local Collaborations - Here!

Okanagan Urban Jungle is proud to feature the works of Local Artisans in the Urban Jungle Trailer and the Online Jungle Shop. Here you can find macrame plant hangers, ceramic pots/ vessels, funny plant & garden markers, sun & skin care products, and tons of home decor; featuring front door mats & calligraphy signage.

Visit the Jungle Greenhouse!

We welcome you to visit the Okanagan Urban Jungle where the greenhouse is stocked, the trailer is shop ready and the patio is set for your enjoyment. Not to mention, we have our own little pet-friendly turf area for your fur-babies to chill while you shop!

This Urban Jungle is something completely beautiful, and is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays for private bookings. This allows our clients to come and browse plants in the Greenhouse, shop local goods in the Jungle Shop, and just enjoy some one on one plant time to ask all the plant questions you might have. We don't accommodate Drop-Ins, so make sure to book in using this form.

Select which date you would like to visit, and your preferred time of day. We will contact you shortly after to book a time for your visit and forward directions. 

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